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Driver Facing Charges in Vegas Crash Ordered to Mental Hospital

A woman who allegedly drove into a crowd of people on the Las Vegas strip last December has been ordered to go to a state mental institution. The 25-year-old woman is accused of injuring at least 34 people and killing one shortly before Christmas when she drove her vehicle onto a sidewalk.

The woman's attorneys argued that she is mentally ill, and one doctor has already found her to be not competent. A district court judge in Clark County declared her unfit to stand trial for the 71 felony counts against her, and he ordered her to have a mental health evaluation.

The defendant reportedly muttered to herself during a recent hearing and told the judge that she had no trust in the public defenders who were assigned to her case. She has been charged with battery with a deadly weapon, attempted murder and murder.

The defendant, who lived in Portland, reportedly had her child in her car with her when the incident occurred. Coincidentally, some of those injured were members and coaches of an Oregon wrestling team who were in town for a college tournament.

The woman had been at one time been involved with the Portland Opportunities Industrialization Center, which is a nonprofit organization that helps young people get a high school degree and job training. After the accident, the group issued a statement that said that she had spent years working to overcome "her disadvantaged background and was successful in her academic and career pursuits."

It was not reported whether any of the victims or the family members of the person who was killed are taking civil legal action against the woman. However, if you have been injured or a loved one has been killed as the result of a driver's actions, you can and should consult with a Nevada attorney regarding your legal options regardless of whatever criminal action is taken.

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