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Situations in which divorce may be the right choice

Some Nevada couples who are considering divorce might feel as though it means they have failed. However, in some cases, divorce is the best choice for two people who have irreconcilable differences. Couples who understand that their relationship is not a failure if it ends in divorce and that it is better in their circumstances to part ways might be better able to negotiate a settlement without the anger and stress that is often involved.

Some situations make it clear that ending the marriage may be the best option. For example, if there is abuse, it may be necessary for the victim to leave. A marriage might also end if there is infidelity or the temptation to infidelity that a person is unable to set aside. In the latter example, counseling might help. However, there are circumstances in which couples go to counseling for whatever issues their marriage has and even try multiple counselors without improving their marriage. This can also mean the marriage is over.

When couples have grown apart and feel there is no longer any happiness to be found in the marriage and one another, it may be time to separate. A marriage that stays together while both parties are resentful and unhappy is not a healthy situation.

If the couple can move toward divorce in a cooperative spirit rather than an adversarial one, they might be happier with the outcome. They may be able to negotiate an agreement for property division that they are both satisfied with and a child custody arrangement that benefits them and their children. Mediation may help them work out any conflict over these issues. However, in cases of abuse or if one or both people are too angry to resolve these matters with the help of their attorneys, they will need to go to court where a judge will make these decisions.