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Late nights at work can strain marital relationships

Many casino workers in Nevada are likely familiar with the challenges of maintaining a relationship while working at night. A comparison of occupations and divorce rates prepared by FlowingData confirmed that bartenders and casino workers, particularly gaming managers, experienced the highest rates of divorce compared to people in other lines of work.

Jobs that require travel, such as flight attendants and people employed in shipping and transportation, also presented challenges to married couples. People whose jobs centered on nightlife or travel had higher than average rates of divorce. Across the country, the average rate of divorce is slightly over 35 percent.

Lower pay, which often accompanied service industry workers, also corresponded with a higher likelihood of getting a divorce. As researchers charted occupations with higher incomes, the chance of divorce stayed below average. Occupations associated with fewer divorces tended to be math or science related, such as software developers, scientists and health care professionals. Actuaries had the lowest rate of divorce, which was well below 20 percent. Occupations like farmers, foresters and clergy also tended to correspond with intact marriages.

When someone decides to seek a divorce, many legal matters need to be settled. A family law attorney could help a client come to terms with a former partner about child custody, child support and the division of assets. The lawyer could also help a parent cover important issues within a custody agreement, such as parental relocation or parenting time. If a dispute over money or child custody emerges, an attorney might strive to promote the person's needs in court.