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Insurance Companies Have Lawyers, So Should You

If you have been seriously injured and are pursuing a personal injury claim against the responsible party, you may feel like you’ve come to a dead end. Like many people before you, you’ve discovered that insurance companies can be completely uncooperative or make unconscionably low settlement offers. While some choose to take a lowball offer or walk away from the situation in anger, others choose to pursue a personal injury lawsuit. When this occurs insurance companies call in their lawyers to represent them.

A Personal Injury Suit is Not the Time to Represent Yourself

When people represent themselves in lawsuits without an attorney, they represent themselves pro se. While this is a right everyone has, it is inadvisable except in simple or uncontested legal matters. No one should represent himself or herself pro se when it comes to a personal injury claim. A personal injury claim is not simple, has high stakes, and is certainly going to be contested.

Insurance companies have a great interest in paying out as little as possible and in not losing lawsuits. Therefore, they invest in lawyers who are experienced and who will lose no sleep over taking advantage of plaintiffs who chose to file their lawsuit. The fact is, personal injury law is deep and complex, with strict procedural rules and ever-evolving case law from appellate courts. You need an attorney who knows the law and can stand up to an insurance company’s lawyer.

And in reality, if you get to trial, courts and juries are often frustrated when people represent themselves pro se because it generally slows trials down significantly. This occurs due to frequent stops because pro se plaintiffs have to follow the same strict rules of procedure and rules of evidence as attorneys—but end up violating these rules. So instead of focusing on the merits of a case, judges have to educate the plaintiff about the law in real-time—which is a huge distraction.

There are significant risks to representing yourself in a personal injury action. In contrast, there is little risk in consulting with a personal injury attorney—who can give you straight answers and explain how contingency fees benefit you.

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