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How a Personal Injury Claim Can Help You Move Forward

No one starts their day thinking that they will suffer a serious injury. When it happens, some people find their lives completely derailed. Not only do they experience the pain of the injury, but they are also dealing with medical interventions, surgery, and/or an intense recovery process. And sometimes that road to recovery never ends. Compounding this problem are the many medical bills that come with the injury contrasted against the injured person’s lost wages. In short, a personal injury can create an emotional, physical and financial spiral for victims.

While there is nothing the law can provide to undo what has happened to you, it does provide for financial liability assigned to those whose negligence resulted in the injury. These are referred to as “damages” and they can help you move forward.

Personal Injury Damages

The combination of expensive medical treatment and the loss of wages from an inability to work can create a financially crippling situation for many people. “Economic damages” is a category of damages that offers relief for a victim’s monetary expenses and losses. This includes compensation for the enormous medical bills that have resulted from your injuries, as well as foreseeable medical expenses in the future. It can also include injury-related mental health treatment. Also, a victim can seek damages for lost wages due to the injury, as well as a loss of earning capacity in the future.

A victim can also use a personal injury claim in pursuit of “non-economic” damages. These are damages that are not tied to financial losses and are not easily quantifiable but are meant to compensate a victim for other types of losses associated with the wrongdoer’s negligence. Examples include damages for “pain and suffering”, loss of enjoyment, disfigurement, and emotional distress. Depending on the nature of your injuries and the strength of your claim, these damages can go a long way toward getting your life back on track.

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