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Fatal accident resulting from traffic light under repair

A fatal crash occurred at an intersection in Nevada on Friday night due to a traffic light that was under repair. At the intersection of Mottsville Lane and Highway 88, a woman in a BMW and a woman in a red Ford Taurus collided as they both entered the intersection at the same time. The collision forced both of the vehicles to then strike a third vehicle, a Honda SUV that was stopped waiting on traffic. The woman in the BMW, 64, died from her injuries, and the driver of the Ford Taurus, 22, was transported for medical attention. It was not clear if the driver of the Honda SUV was injured.

Apparently, this was not the first recent accident at this intersection; the traffic light was not working due to a previous accident. The intersection was using temporary stop signs to control the traffic. Douglas County and the Nevada Department of Transportation were both aware that the light was out; it was under repair by DOT workers and a private contractor at the time of the incident. There was also a reader board on the side of the road on Mottsville Lane to notify drivers that the traffic signal was not working. According to Nevada State Patrol, the accident is still under investigation.

In situations like this, it is hard to determine exactly who is at fault. An investigation will try to determine which car entered the intersection first or had the right of way. Determining fault is important to determine who will be accountable for damages, the loss of a life and medical or other expenses. It appears as if the Department of Transportation had taken the necessary steps to warn drivers of the traffic signal being out, but only on Mottsville Lane. It doesn't say they had put up a warning on the intersecting highway. They did, however, put stop signs in place, which should have been sufficient.

If you have been injured in an accident, or lost a loved one, and are unsure of the cause of an accident, you should seek an attorney who can investigate the cause for you. The expenses of an accident can be costly in many different ways and the negligent party should cover the costs.

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