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Man Arrested After Nevada Incident Involving Justin Timberlake

A 29-year-old man was arrested on July 23 after an incident on a Nevada golf course that reportedly began when he touched Justin Timberlake while the singer/actor was playing in a celebrity golf tournament. The incident occurred at the Edgewood Tahoe Golf Course in Stateline.

According to the Douglas County undersheriff, the arrest and charges were "not related to the contact" with Timberlake, which reportedly involved touching the the back of his neck as he walked through the gallery. Timberlake was overheard saying, "Bro, why would you do that?" However, he did not press charges against the man.

Instead, he was charged with disorderly conduct as he was being escorted off of the golf course by sheriff's deputies. The undersheriff said that he was "disorderly and argumentative" with the deputies. He also claimed that the man was intoxicated.

The Sacramento man was released from county jail late that night after posting bail of $640. It's now up to the district attorney to decide whether charges will be filed.

The sheriff's official called the incident a "very minor event," and said that he only released a statement about it because there had been an "undue amount of inquiries" -- no doubt because it involved a celebrity.

Many of us have been out and about, particularly around Nevada's resorts and casinos, and spotted one of our favorite celebrities. The temptation to reach out and touch him or her, particularly if you've been emboldened by a drink or two, may be irresistible. However, while you may feel you know that person, the celebrity doesn't know you or what your motives are. Even an innocent move can lead to problems, particularly when celebrities have their own security personnel or law enforcement officers looking out for them.

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