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How Personal Injury Laws Treat Catastrophic Injuries

As attorneys with over a century of combined legal experience, we have seen individuals suffer from a wide array of personal injuries. We are often stunned by the real life, devastating impact that can occur when people are negligent and others pay the price. While some injuries are of a nature that our clients can physically heal, there are other injuries that are permanent. When a person suffers a permanent injury that affects their ability to function, these are generally referred to as “catastrophic” injuries.

Catastrophic injuries may include:

Damages Are Available Under the Law

If you have suffered a catastrophic injury due to someone else’s negligence, you deserve justice. This comes in the form of financial damages.

Economic Damages. The law recognizes that you likely have massive, ongoing medical expenses from surgical procedures, therapy, and medical care. In addition, with a catastrophic injury, you have suffered from lost wages and either cannot work anymore or have been extremely limited in your ability to work or advance your career. Victims of catastrophic injury can seek “economic” damages to repay these expenses and losses.

Non-Economic Damages. In addition to economic damages, victims can also seek “non-economic” damages to cover the pain, suffering, inconvenience, physical impairment, disfigurement that has resulted from another party’s negligence. For catastrophic injuries, this is a particularly important form of financial compensation since the impact lasts forever.

Punitive Damages. In particularly egregious cases that result in catastrophic injury, the party responsible may be held financially liable for “punitive” damages. These damage are much more difficult to obtain as the victim must prove that the responsible party acted with conscious disregard, fraud, oppression, or malice.

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