The Moving Parts of a Catastrophic Injury Claim

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What is a Catastrophic Injury?

Car accidents and truck accidents always have the potential to cause serious bodily injury or death to those involved. For survivors of these events, the most serious personal injury is classified as a “catastrophic injury”. These are injuries that leave severe and permanent impacts on the functioning ability of the victim. They are also particularly complex because they have many moving parts due to the exhaustive medical needs of the victim and money necessary to compensate the victim for their injuries.

Requires Intensive Ongoing Care and Represents a Loss of Earning Potential

Victims of catastrophic injury require intensive medical treatment, which includes emergency treatment, referrals to specialists, surgeries, and physical therapy. Some injuries require a person to receive lifelong medical care or completely incapacitate them. Also, victims often require some form of therapeutic or psychological help to deal with the emotional trauma resulting from the changes to their lives.

Further, with a permanent change in functioning, a catastrophic injury will generally result in a significant change or complete loss in the victim’s earning potential. This puts the double squeeze of expenses and losses on the victim.

Types of Damages Available

A catastrophic injury claim can seek various types of damages to compensate the injured person. This includes damages like past, present, and future medical expenses and lost wages that have resulted from the injury. It also includes damages for the victim’s considerable pain and suffering, loss of companionship, and loss of enjoyment of life as a result of the injuries

As part of a personal injury lawsuit, the person seeking damages must disclose the damages they are seeking and also establish what method they used to calculate those damages. For catastrophic injuries, this is a tall order, as there are many ongoing expenses, economic losses, and real-life impacts that the injury will continue to have for the rest of the victim’s life.

We, therefore, partner with numerous established medical, economic, and financial experts to firmly grasp all of the moving parts of a catastrophic injury claim. Along with these experts, we take a thoughtful, methodical approach, and fight insurance companies to make sure that our clients receive maximum compensation for their injuries.

Let Viloria, Oliphant, Oster & Aman L.L.P. Assist You

If you have suffered a catastrophic injury you need an attorney. You have significant losses and expenses piling up as a result of the conduct of others. You deserve relief and have significant legal rights to seek financial compensation. At Viloria, Oliphant, Oster & Aman, L.L.P., we provide top-quality personal injury representation and have successfully obtained millions of dollars for our clients. Contact Viloria, Oliphant, Oster & Aman L.L.P. today at (775) 227-2280 to schedule a free case consultation or contact our office through our website.

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