Maintaining Electronic Communication With Your Child

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Separations and divorces create a new and intense strain on a relationship between a parent and child. Having to split time between parents naturally means that a child will see each parent less than before. The state and courts recognize this. Underlying the Nevada state legislature’s statutes governing child custody and visitation is an explicit purpose:

“To ensure that minor children have frequent associations and a continuing relationship with both parents after the parents have ended their relationship, become separated or dissolved their marriage”

To meet this goal, courts will typically order ample visitation and contact to continue the parent-child relationship. In addition to in-person visitation, courts can also weigh what sort of electronic communication can be reasonably allowed between parents and their children. This may include contact through phone calls, emails, texting, Facetime, Skype, etc.

When parents consider agreed to Parenting Plans, or when courts are asked to make custody orders regarding electronic communication, the following questions are critical:

  • Is electronic communication in the child’s best interest?
  • What sort of visitation schedule is in place?
  • Do the parents live far apart, like in different counties or states?
  • To what degree will the parents interfere with each other’s access to the child?
  • What methods of electronic communication are available?
  • Who will cover the costs of the equipment and service?
  • What frequency and duration will the contact be allowed?
  • Will the contact be disruptive to the child and the custodial parent’s home?
  • Should the contact be supervised and monitored by the other parent?
  • Are there specific topics of conversation that are off-limits?
  • What does the child want?

Answering these questions and creating a balanced, clear, and enforceable plan can be complex. Significantly, this type of contact is meant to supplement existing visitation, and not to substitute visitation. The success of this communication, however, is dependent on the parents and their willingness to serve as healthy co-parents.

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