3 Tips for Driving on Wet Roads

Crowded highway on a rainy day

Reno weather has a tendency to be unpredictable. As winter snow turns to April showers, many drivers will find themselves skidding to stop signs, going over the white line, or even spinning out. Although the rains come every year, we know it can be a little intimidating to stay in control in these situations, which is why we put together these three tips to help you drive safely on wet roads.

Slow Down

Any water on the road will put resistance on your tires, making it harder to slow down and maneuver in tight situations. To address this it’s advised you do everything a little slower when driving on wet roads.

Generally speaking, you need to double your braking distance and following distance in rainy conditions. If you follow too closely or brake too quickly, you might find yourself hydroplaning or even fishtailing across the road.

Make Yourself Visible

Even if it’s not foggy per se, dark clouds and falling rain reduce visibility. In fact, poor visibility is the second top-contributing factor in rain-related crashes after insufficient road friction.

Some of the most effective ways to make yourself visible and improve your own visibility in rainy weather are to keep your defogger on and turn on your headlights before you pull out of your parking space. Lights not only make you visible at a distance, but they warn drivers approaching from intersections and around corners and can potentially prevent side-impact collisions.

Don’t Hydroplane

If you drive through a puddle or otherwise find that your steering wheel is drifting, you might be caught in a hydroplane. When this happens, you need to stay calm and act quickly to prevent a fishtail or a spinout.

While most drivers instinctively slam the brakes, that only increases your chances of losing control. Rather, it is more effective to let off the accelerator (but don’t brake) and gently turn the steering wheel toward the direction of the skid. This will help your wheels regain traction so you can pull out of the hydroplane and help prevent a potentially serious crash.

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