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Motley Crue Rocker Charged With Battery in Las Vegas

Contrary to the old slogan, what happens in Vegas doesn't always stay in Vegas. If you're convicted of a crime, that conviction can follow you forever.

Earlier this month, Vince Neil from the group Motley Crue was cited for misdemeanor battery after reports of an altercation drew Las Vegas police to a hotel.

The singer appeared to be there with actor Nicolas Cage. Cage, ironically, won a Best Actor Oscar over 20 years ago for his portrayal of an alcoholic screenwriter in the film "Leaving Las Vegas."

A woman reportedly told police that when she asked Cage for his autograph, Neil came up behind her and grabbed her hair. Video footage reportedly shot by someone at the scene on a phone shows Cage trying to physically and verbally restrain Neil. The cellphone video didn't capture the alleged confrontation between the woman and Neil. It remains to be seen if surveillance or other video surfaces. As anyone who's visited Vegas knows, security cameras are ubiquitous in the gambling mecca.

This was not the 55-year-old rocker's first encounter with law enforcement in Las Vegas, where he reportedly resides, at least part time. He has been convicted of drunk driving. He was also at one time charged with disorderly conduct and battery against an ex-girlfriend whom he reportedly poked during a public confrontation. He pleaded guilty to the disorderly conduct charge and paid a fine, but did no jail time.

Neil wasn't arrested after this recent incident. However, if he is convicted of the charge, he could spend up to six months behind bars.

When someone has a history of criminal convictions, particularly if they're similar to current charges, it can have a negative impact on the potential legal consequences of the charges. Nevada criminal defense attorneys can work to help mitigate the impact of those previous convictions on the case at hand.

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