False Accusations Can Result From Domestic Violence Laws

If you have been charged with domestic violence, you may not want to hear that domestic laws often side with the victim, and sometimes to the extreme. As more and more advocates for humanity step forward to take a stand in different issues across the country, the laws seem to get even more stringent and sometimes, even more biased. Domestic violence, like DUIs, child abuse and a number of other concerns that have been brought to the forefront, have driven courts to make one-sided laws.

For instance, the laws allow domestic charges to be filed for a number of obscure reasons such as harassment, annoyance or making one "afraid." Those who deal with domestic violence, such as law officials, prosecutors, and other service providers are trained to "always believe the victim," even if they do not have proof to provide. Victims' advocates work with alleged domestic violence victims to coach them in the best way to present their accusations.

Domestic violence victims are also entitled to services, which is an incentive for claiming domestic violence occurred. Legal benefits include child custody, possession/sole use of the resident property and reimbursement for fees such as counseling, healthcare and legal fees. They are sometimes even more eligible than others for low-cost housing (Title VIII) and welfare resources.

When family members are in the heat of an argument and emotions are raging, it is common for one to want to press charges against the other. What better type of revenge! However, when emotions are cool again and the individuals have made up, they might try dropping those charges. The state won't allow it; once the prosecutors have decided that a law was broken, they take over the charges.

Proven Domestic Violence Defense Lawyers in Reno, NV

If you have been charged with domestic violence, you need legal representation to help you. Whether you are innocent or guilty, you have a right to tell your side of the story. There are serious consequences to domestic violence charges that can affect your life now and in the future. Let us help you resolve your case so you can preserve your reputation and get on with your life.

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