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Avoid Injury With These 3 Must-Know Pedestrian Safety Tips

If you are traveling by foot, you are considered a pedestrian. While you may believe you are safe, especially if you are walking on the sidewalk, this is not always the case. Unfortunately, according to statistics shared by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it is estimated that over the next 24 hours, approximately 445 people will be treated for a traffic-related pedestrian injury. Additionally, the statistics show that one person will die from injuries suffered in such an accident within the next two hours.

Pedestrians of all ages are at risk of injury or death from a traffic accident. However, some have a higher risk than others, including teens and young adults, male pedestrians, and intoxicated pedestrians.

What Can You Do to Stay Safe as a Pedestrian?

The statistics can be harrowing, and the prospect of being injured as a pedestrian can be frightening to say the least. However, the potential risk of being involved in a pedestrian accident should not be enough to keep you from walking, jogging, or running as you please. It should, however, inspire you to take the necessary safety precautions and protect yourself from any future injuries or accidents.

Fortunately, there are steps pedestrians can take to improve their safety:

  • Cross the street only at designated intersections or crosswalks. Never attempt to cross in the middle of the road or from between parked vehicles where you are not expected to enter the road.
  • Make sure you are visible to traffic at all times, even during the nighttime hours. Increasing your visibility is as easy as wearing bright or reflective clothing and walking in conspicuous areas.
  • Walk on a sidewalk when possible. If no sidewalk is available, walk on the shoulder of the road and face traffic.

The risk of being involved in a pedestrian accident should not be enough to keep you from walking, jogging or running. It should, however, show that taking the necessary safety steps is a must.

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