Shared parenting benefits parents and children

Nevada parents who are going through the divorce process may be aware that, in a wide majority of cases, physical custody of the children is awarded to the mother. While mothers may feel like this is a "win" at first, they can soon find that it is very difficult to remain in the workforce while being a single parent. In fact, it can trap a mother into depending on child support to raise the children.

Shared parenting is a solution to the problem. This type of parenting involves a flexible arrangement that allows the children to spend time with both parents. In so doing, the mother often has the ability to stay in the workforce. Shared parenting also benefits fathers in that they get a chance to actually be involved in raising the children without being relegated to the "fun" parent the kids see every other weekend.

Research has shown that shared parenting can be extremely beneficial for children. Shared parenting allows children to establish and maintain relationships with both parents. Research has also shown that children who spend time with both parents are more likely to be successful in school and are generally happier overall.

During the actual divorce, resolving child custody issues, such as where the children will reside and go to school, can be an emotional process for everyone involved. In many cases, shared parenting can help make the transition easier since both parents will still be active in raising the children. However, it does not work in all cases, and a family law attorney may help a parent seek primary or sole custody if the other parent is not able to provide proper or adequate care due to mental illness, addiction or distance.

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