Poor Road Conditions and Car Accidents

Poor road conditions

Poor Road Conditions

We have all driven on poor roadways that have potholes that wreck our suspensions, on poorly paved roads, roads without proper lighting, roads that narrow and curve, faded paint lines, roads that lack proper visibility, notoriously dangerous intersections, and roads that have hazards but lack warning signs. In our experience, poor road conditions play a role in too far too many serious motor vehicle accidents.

However, even on the worst roads in Nevada, all drivers still have a duty to drive safely. This means obeying speed limits and traffic laws, observing warning signs, not following too closely, refraining from texting, and yielding the right of way. Most of all, it means remaining vigilant when road conditions are poor. When truck and car drivers neglect their reasonable duty of care to others on the road—who end up with serious injuries—they open themselves up to significant financial liability in the form of damages.

Poor Weather Conditions

Additionally, poor weather conditions can significantly contribute to motor vehicle accidents. From poor visibility to heavy winds, to slippery roads, we encounter far too many accidents that occur when the weather declines. Nevertheless, poor weather conditions do not absolve drivers of their reasonable duty of care to other people on the roadway. Even in the face of inclement and extreme weather, drivers should exercise proper caution and drive safely. Unfortunately, too many drivers take unnecessary risks and drive recklessly against their better judgment.

Accidents that involve poor road conditions can be challenging for people attempting to determine fault and liability. In addition to the negligent driver, there may be other parties whose negligence contributed to an accident from whom the victim can also seek compensation. An experienced personal injury attorney can partner with respected experts who can help you demonstrate what happened in your car accident, why it happened, and who should be held financially accountable for their negligence.

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