The Dangers of Drowsy Truck Drivers

A line of semi trucks stopped at a rest stop

When 18 wheeler trucks cause accidents, the aftermath doesn’t resemble anything like you see in other types of vehicle accidents. These behemoth 80,000 pound combination of truck and cargo often crush other types of vehicles, resulting in havoc and tragedy.

While the causes of truck accidents vary from negligent drivers to improperly maintained trucks to hazardous road conditions, there is one cause that should be given attention: drowsy truck drivers.

Truck Drivers Are Legally Required to Get Rest

The Federal motor carrier safety administration (FMCSA) has set forth regulations about the rest and sleep conditions that commercial truck drivers must comply with. This includes logging all hours spent driving and resting to assure that truck drivers are not driving more than the law allows.

This is meant to ensure that drivers are not spending more than 11 consecutive hours driving at one time or 14 hours on duty at a time. On duty periods must have a corresponding 10 hours of rest after each maximum workday. Further, drivers are prohibited from working more than 60 hours in a workweek. These laws are intended to save lives by ensuring that truck drivers are receiving their proper sleep cycle and are awake while driving.

Drowsy Truck Drivers Endanger All Drivers Around Them

Unfortunately, not all commercial truck drivers or their employers follow the law. With incredible pressure and deadlines to make their deliveries, truck drivers are caught up in an industry that expects them to push past their limits and to drive through the night to get paid. Not only does this mean that the hour limits are sometimes ignored, but some unscrupulous companies have been caught falsifying their logs to stay within the regulations.

This is bad news for everyone else on the road as sleep deprivation and an improper circadian rhythm results in 80,000 pound commercial trucks barreling down our highways with impaired or asleep drivers. While there is nothing you can do to physically stop the devastation of these vehicles, you can utilize the law to hold negligent trucking companies accountable.

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