Trucking Companies Have Lawyers, So Should You

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According to the latest national data published by the¬†American Trucking Associations, the trucking industry generated over $700 billion in revenue in 2017 and accounted for the transportation of over 70% of the nation’s freight every year. Further, trucking companies employ nearly 7 million people in this country, who account for almost 300 billion miles traveled each year in their trucks.

What is the point of these numbers? That trucking is a giant, moneymaking industry with a plethora of wealthy trucking companies. It is also a deadly industry, with 80,000 pound tractor trailers roaring down the highway with a constant potential to cause catastrophic wrecks. To protect themselves, trucking companies spend a lot of time and money to limit their liability when their drivers injure or kill people on the road.

Trucking Companies Have Big Insurance Companies and Lawyers

Trucking companies know that when their drivers injure or kill people, they will be liable for significant money “damages”. In Nevada, these damages can help injured victims recover medical bills, lost income, the loss of future income, and the victim’s pain and suffering. And when a person is killed, then the company can face a costly wrongful death lawsuit.

To reduce the risk of financial losses in these circumstances, trucking companies get policies from big insurance companies, whose agents and lawyers aggressively fight to save them the maximum amount of money. These lawyers have no duty to you, nor do they have sympathy for you; instead, they are paid well to serve their clients.

Even worse, the attorneys representing the interest of the trucking company salivate when victims choose to forego an attorney and represent themselves. They do so because they know that:

  1. People who have been injured or whose loved ones have been killed are distracted by the physical or emotional tolls that have resulted from their client’s actions;
  2. The victims of their client’s actions are suffering financially because of medical expenses and loss of wages, and are desperate for financial relief. In contrast, the insurance company is in no rush to pay out any money.
  3. People who represent themselves are largely unaware of their legal rights, of how much their claims are worth, and of the complexities of handling a lawsuit.
  4. There is a significant power imbalance between rich trucking companies with their insurance companies and the people they injure or kill.

In other words, without an attorney, you are David facing Goliath. Therefore, if you are injured in a wreck caused by a tractor trailer, you need to level the playing field. An experienced personal injury attorney can help you even the odds by aggressively bringing the full weight of the law down on the trucking company.

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