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How Photos Can Aid Your Personal Injury Claim

When you are seriously injured in a car wreck due to the negligence of a person or a company, the last thing you are thinking about is a lawsuit or insurance claim. In reality, you have experienced trauma and are scraping all of your physical and emotional strength together just to address your injuries. But part of your healing should include exercising your rights to hold the responsible party to task for their conduct. This can be accomplished by pursuing a personal injury claim.

Photos Are Highly Compelling Evidence

When filing a personal injury lawsuit, a victim has the burden to present the evidence that proves their claim. Often, this comes in the form of police reports, medical records, driving records, and the victim’s testimony. There are also a variety of experts who can testify as to the causes of the wreck and the injuries, the extent of the injuries, and the numerous financial impacts the injury is responsible for. Also, juries are allowed to consider photographs presented as exhibits at trial.

Whether it is in negotiations with an insurance company or presented to a jury during the trial, photos are an incredibly powerful weapon for a victim. Unlike voluminous medical records—which can be hard to read and decipher, photos tell an immediate and compelling story. Simply put, most records and even testimony from experts cannot compare to the visual impact of a photograph or video.

What Kinds of Photos Are Helpful?

When it comes to car accidents, numerous photos should be taken as soon as possible. If you are not physically able to take photos, then ask someone else at the scene—such as a passenger in your car or a witness. Be sure that the person who takes the photos sends you their contact information.

Photos will capture the scene, the road and weather conditions, the position and state of the vehicles, other involved vehicles, and the contemporaneous physical state of yourself and the responsible driver. There isn’t another opportunity to capture these images as police and firefighters are tasked with allowing traffic to resume.

If you are unable to get contemporaneous photos, then get photos of the area where the wreck occurred as soon as possible. Also, get photos of the damage to your vehicle and your injuries. Since injuries heal over time, it is important that a jury can visibly see how badly the wreck injured you.

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