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Truck accident

The Causes of Truck Accidents

Truck accidents represent a dangerous and deadly threat to unsuspecting passenger vehicles. While every accident is different in its devastation and impact, there are commonalities in the causes of many truck accidents. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) conducted a landmark study that examined three years worth of serious truck accidents across the country. Its conclusions pointed to the following factors as amongst the most common reasons:

  1. Driver fatigue. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration issues regulations that dictate the maximum hours of service (HOS) that a truck driver can drive before taking a mandatory period of rest. Unfortunately, some truck drivers ignore or game these safety rules because they are under more pressure than ever to deliver their cargo under impossible deadlines. The endgame is drowsy and inattentive drivers in control of 80,000 pound 18 wheelers plowing down the highway.
  2. Inadequately maintained trucks. When trucks have brake problems or bad tires, other vehicles on the road suffer severe consequences. Truck companies have a legal obligation to put safe vehicles on the road. Properly maintained and inspected vehicles accomplish this. Stunningly, tire and brake problems factored into more than a third of all truck accidents studied by the FMCSA.
  3. Unsafe drivers. Almost a quarter of all truck accidents were the result of trucks traveling too fast for existing conditions. Given the amount of space a truck needs to come to a full stop compared to other vehicles, this can lead to devastating rear-ends and pile-ups.
  4. Hazardous roadways. Construction and work zones represent a big risk because of dangerous road conditions like uneven surfaces, poor visibility, barriers, road debris, erratic speed limit changes, and narrow lanes. If passenger vehicles have trouble navigating these roadways, then imagine a massive truck losing control and its impact on other vehicles.
  5. Drivers under the influence. A truck is a destructive force that must be driven responsibly and safely. Drivers who use drugs or alcohol cannot do either. Sadly, prescription drug, illegal drug, and alcohol use factored into roughly 20% of all accidents in the study.

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