Teen Driver May Face Vehicular Manslaughter Charges

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A 49-year-old pedestrian who was struck by a 16-year-old driver in Las Vegas late last month has died two weeks after suffering her injuries. The accident occurred at the intersection of Spencer Street and Warm Springs Road on Feb. 26.

The teen has not yet faced any charges as a result of the crash. However, that may now change. A sergeant with the Metro Police said after the accident occurred that "the consequences are much more grave and much more severe if somebody dies in this situation."

The district attorney's office is still determining what charges, if any, to bring against the drive. Those charges could include vehicular manslaughter, which can be a misdemeanor charge. Because of the teen's age, he's most likely to be tried in juvenile court if charges are brought.

According to police, investigators do not think that the teen was under the influence or speeding when the accident occurred. However, they believe that the driver may not have yielded for the pedestrian as required by law.

Under Nevada law, vehicular manslaughter is defined as "[causing] the death of another person through an act or omissions that constitutes simple negligence." Prosecutors, based on the evidence, would need to determine whether the teen's actions rose to that level.

Obviously, a person's life is changed forever when he or she accidentally cause the death of another. However, the victim's family is entitled to seek justice both in criminal court and the civil court. Regardless of what criminal consequences a driver faces, they may choose to take action to seek compensation for medical treatment, burial costs, lost wages and other damages.

Source: Las Vegas Now, "Charges possible in deadly crash," Vanessa Murphy, March 11, 2016

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