What Reno Pedestrians Should Know About Traffic Safety

Reno Sign at Virginia Street

In 2019, Reno saw a spike in pedestrian accidents and fatalities. Reno’s pedestrian injury rate is about double that of the national average. While there is no simple solution to ending pedestrian crashes, there are a few things Reno residents should know about traffic safety that could prevent a crash.

Look at the Turn Lane

Remember that even if you have the right of way and a WALK signal, negligent drivers may not look at the crosswalk before making an unprotected left turn or a right turn against a red light. Before stepping off the crosswalk, make sure you look at both the left turn lane across the street and in the lane to the immediate left of the crosswalk.

Stop at the Crosswalk

You can never be sure if a driver will run a red light, especially if there are only a few seconds left on the WALK signal. For that reason, you should always stop at the curb, look both ways, and then cross. Be sure to continue scanning for hazards until you’re safely across the street.

Improve Visibility

In 2019, the majority of fatal pedestrian crashes in Reno occurred at night and involved victims wearing dark clothing. While traffic safety is the driver’s responsibility, it’s also important that pedestrians maintain good visibility, especially at night.

Avoid wearing dark-colored clothing while walking at night. Ideally, you should incorporate some light colors, or even white. If you’re biking or jogging, you might opt for reflective neon clothing.

Similarly, be sure to cross at well-lit areas. Jaywalkers who cross between street lights are extremely difficult to identify at night. Ideally, you should only cross at designated crosswalks.

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