Tips to help kids adjust to divorce

When children in Nevada experience their parents' divorce, they rely on their parents for emotional support and guidance. Although parents are dealing with their own challenges, they also need to manage the situation for their children. To begin the transition to a new kind of family life, the parents should inform the children about the divorce. They do not have to share many details, but it's important to explain that they still love the children.

After breaking the news, each parent should continue to check in with the children. Questions could arise as each child contemplates the situation, and parents should make themselves available for conversation, even if a child is not reaching out.

As the separation unfolds, parents should insulate their children from the anger, hostility and resentment that could flare up between them. A parent should not put down or criticize the ex-spouse in front of the children.

Flexibility will be essential once the children begin dividing their time between two households. Each parent should strive to stay calm when things fail to go as planned, such as being late to drop off a child. Keeping the peace should be a priority instead of starting a fight about every little issue.

When a person needs to create a custody schedule and co-parenting plan, a divorce attorney could offer advice about how to address important topics. An attorney could help negotiate terms for who gets the children during which holidays and what school the kids will attend. The person might also gain information from the attorney about personal rights when dividing marital property. Legal advice could make a person aware of rights to retirement accounts, spousal support or business assets. If a settlement cannot be reached privately, then an attorney could pursue the person's financial and custody goals in court.

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