Arguments over politics becoming more bitter under Trump

Many media pundits agree that Donald Trump's election victory in November has deepened the political divide in Nevada and around the country. Wakefield Research wanted to find out what kind of impact living under a Trump administration is having on couples, and the Virginia-based polling company discovered that arguments over politics are causing marriages and long-term relationships to end at an unprecedented rate.

Wakefield Research asked 1,000 people between April 12 and April 18 whether they were arguing more or less about politics since Trump's victory over Hillary Clinton and how these arguments were affecting their relationships. One in 10 of the couples polled said that disagreements over partisan politics had prompted them to end their relationships, and the figure rose to an alarming 22 percent when millennials were asked the question. Almost a quarter of those questioned said that they were arguing more about political issues, and 22 percent claimed to know a couple who had separated or run into relationship problems because of political differences.

Arguments over money are common when relationships falter, but the Wakefield Research study suggests that disputes over politics are more common than quarrels over financial issues for one in five Americans. This kind of argument can be difficult to resolve amicably, and attorneys have reported an unprecedented surge in divorce filings motivated by political differences.

Differences of opinion that may seem minor and inconsequential before couples marry can quickly become bitter and contentious rifts when political or financial paradigms change. Experienced family law attorneys may urge couples who do not see eye to eye on important issues to enter into prenuptial agreements. Delicate matters like property division and spousal support can be difficult to negotiate when passions are running high, and prenuptial agreements may be particularly prudent in states with community property laws like Nevada.

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