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Planning who will pay back-to-school expenses after a divorce

When parents in Nevada get divorced, they may not anticipate all of the potential scenarios that may lead to arguments over their children. Parenting plans are meant to help exes decide how to handle their co-parenting relationships so that their children are placed at the forefront and arguments are minimized. This often helps children to be better adjusted and happier.

One area that frequently causes arguments between divorced parents is paying for the children's back-to-school costs. Children require numerous things when school is getting ready to start each year. They may need school folders, backpacks, pencils, clothes and much more. The costs of these items can quickly balloon, leading to arguments about paying for them.

If there is a plan in place, then the arguments might be avoided. Otherwise, parents might want to look to their child custody arrangement when determining who should pay. If they have a shared parenting agreement, both parents should contribute either 50 percent or by percentage according to their incomes. If one parent has primary custody and receives child support, that parent should pay. Child support includes money to cover the cost of reasonable child-related expenses, including going back to school.

When parents are going through divorces, they may gloss through the parenting plans without giving them enough thought and attention. Parents may want to retain family law attorneys so that they can get help considering the different types of things that can lead to future disputes. By doing so, they can include more detailed provisions in their parenting agreements. Children are often happier when their parents are able to get along well enough to co-parent effectively without significant conflicts.