Injured in a Bus Crash? Read This

A bus accident

Charter buses, tour buses, and other commercial buses can frequently be seen bringing people across the highways of Nevada and into Reno. While the vast majority of these busses make it to and from their destinations without incident, there are unfortunate occasions when these busses crash. Because the size and physics behind these massive vehicles, wrecks involving buses can cause serious injury or death to others.

Bus companies have a duty of care to both their passengers and to others on the road, but sometimes that duty is breached. If you have been seriously injured in a bus crash, you may have a legal claim to recover damages for medical expenses, ongoing and future medical care, lost income from work, and pain and suffering.

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney

When bus crashes occur, a personal injury attorney can partner with experts who can help you determine why the crash occurred. Some of the key questions in a bus wreck may include:

  • Was the driver drowsy or asleep? Was this because of the long hours required by the driver’s employer? Was the employer following all laws regarding rest and breaks?
  • Was the driver driving unsafely? Did they receive the legally required type and amount of training that a bus driver needs to transport passengers? Did they receive proper background checks?
  • Did the driver have a proper license to drive that vehicle?
  • Was the driver intoxicated or driving under the influence of prescription drugs, illicit drugs, or alcohol?
  • Was the bus safe to be on the road? Did the company that owned the bus keep it properly maintained? Does that bus or company have a history of putting unsafe vehicles on the road? Was the company aware the bus had problems? Did the bus have all of the required safety features?

Why do the answers to these questions matter? Because Nevada allows victims of personal injuries to pursue claims against any person or company at fault by way of negligence or recklessness. This means that liability can be apportioned to multiple responsible parties and allow for a victim to seek maximum compensation for their claim. With a bus crash, fault for the wreck may lie with any combination of the following parties: the bus driver, the owner of the bus, and/or the manufacturer of the bus.

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