What Makes Truck Accident Lawsuits So Complex?

Truck hitting the site of a car

Auto accidents that involve trucks are different than other kinds of personal injury claims. As members of the Academy of Truck Accident Attorneys and with extensive experience representing truck accident survivors and their heirs, we can personally attest to how complex and contentious these claims can become.

Multiple Parties Can be at Fault

In many car accidents, the driver of the car that caused the wreck is “at fault” and legally liable for damages. In contrast, truck accidents can involve numerous other parties, such as the trucking company that owns the truck, the company that employs the driver, the company that loaded the cargo, the company that owns the cargo, the manufacturer of a faulty truck or trailer, and/or a parent company that owns any of the aforementioned parties.

When only a driver is at fault for an auto accident, the victim is generally limited to recovering the limit of that driver’s insurance policy coverage. When multiple parties are found to be at fault, a jury apportions the percentage of fault to each party—who are then responsible for paying that percentage of the overall damages. This allows for far greater compensation when the liability is spread amongst numerous parties.

Truck Accidents Have High Financial Stakes

Truck accidents have a great capacity to result in catastrophic injuries or death. The law allows for victims and the heirs of deceased victims to seek a variety of financial damages, including medical expenses, lost wages, lost future earnings, funeral expenses, pain and suffering, loss of use, and loss of consortium.

A catastrophic injury or wrongful death will always have significant damages at stake, which leads all of the interested insurance companies to dig in to save money. They will, therefore, utilize combative tactics to try to compel victims to settle for a fraction of what a claim is actually worth.

Investigating What Happened Requires Experts

Because there is so much at stake in establishing fault, parties to a truck accident lawsuit will doggedly investigate why the wreck occurred. This can involve an intensive and highly technical examination of the scene, of the vehicle, of records and logs relating to the truck and its driver, and of medical reports. We have partnerships with experts in a variety of fields who can provide essential opinions to establish what happened and what your claim is truly worth.

Viloria, Oliphant, Oster & Aman L.L.P. Will Fight for You

Viloria, Oliphant, Oster & Aman, L.L.P., provides nationally-recognized representation to victims of truck accidents. Our attorneys are experienced fighters who have obtained millions of dollars in damages for our clients. Let us help you navigate the tough, complex process of a truck accident personal injury claim and pursue maximum compensation against all those responsible. Call Viloria, Oliphant, Oster & Aman L.L.P. today at (775) 227-2280 to schedule a free case consultation or contact our office through our website.

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