What If I Don’t Agree With a Settlement Offer?

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Suffering a serious injury at the hands of another is a harrowing experience. With the triple threat of physical pain, mental pain, and financial pain, it can take an incredible toll on your life in a completely unfair manner. The law offers accountability to victims of serious injuries through monetary damages that compensate them for the various expenses and harms that resulted from the negligent party’s conduct. But the journey to attaining that accountability is not an easy one.

Engaging in Negotiations with the Insurance Company

Before filing any personal injury lawsuit, victims or their attorneys will attempt to resolve their personal injury claims through the responsible party’s’ insurance companies. It is a victim’s burden to exercise their legal right to pursue damages by proving that the other party is at fault. Consequently, victims who approach insurance adjusters without an attorney almost always find themselves on the wrong side of delay tactics, a lack of responsiveness, and insulting offers. This is based on insurance companies’ internal directive to save money and an underlying disrespect that they carry for victims who do not understand the law.

The retention of a personal injury attorney forces insurance companies to take victims seriously. Sometimes, insurance adjusters will see the writing on the wall and make reasonable offers to avoid the risks and costs of a trial. Sometimes a personal injury lawsuit is the only way to move a personal injury claim forward. In either scenario, a negotiation between an attorney and insurance company will come to an impasse, and a victim will be faced with a decision of whether to accept a final settlement offer.

A Settlement May Give You Your Maximum Compensation

If you are in this position, the decision of whether to accept a settlement offer is entirely in your hands. You may feel torn about accepting—like the responsible party is getting away with something and isn’t properly being held accountable. It is also natural to feel like any jury will award you more once you get your day in court. However, there are never guarantees that a trial will turn out the way you want. As personal injury attorneys with decades of experience, we give our clients our honest, no-nonsense thoughts about settlement offers versus what we believe your claim is worth. We believe this allows our clients to make fully informed decisions.

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