Reno, NV - At Least One Hurt in Car Accident at Panther Dr & Virginia St

Reno, NV - At Least One Hurt in Car Accident at Panther Dr & Virginia St

Reno, NV (December 16, 2023) - On Friday, December 15, there were confirmed injuries resulting from an auto accident in the Reno area. The collision was reported at around 11:58 p.m. at the corner of Panther Drive and N. Virginia Street. At least one person involved was hurt, and the injured parties were provided aid by attending medical personnel.

The roadway was temporarily closed while emergency responders were present. Tow trucks were later dispatched to clear the resulting debris and reopen the road to outside traffic. No additional information on the accident has been provided at this time. An ongoing investigation into the cause of the crash is underway, and more information will be released as it progresses.

Our thoughts are with the injured victims and their families at this time. We hope for their full recovery.

Car Crashes in Nevada

Driving on or near a road always carries the risk of a car accident, and in Nevada, auto accidents are the primary cause of fatalities and serious injuries. About 3 million people are injured in car crashes across the United States every year, and more than 2 million of those injuries are permanent. Tens of thousands of people lose their lives in auto accidents each year, and data indicates that 2020 was among the deadliest years in Nevada's history for traffic fatalities. Driving is one of the riskiest things we do almost every day, so you need to be ready to fight for full compensation for any injuries you suffer injuries in a collision.

Most Nevadans drive on a daily basis. Unfortunately, a large number of state citizens become the victims of serious car crashes daily. No one ever plans for a car accident, but they can happen almost anytime you are driving. You need to be certain that you are capable of making wise choices regarding your recovery. This means having a skilled lawyer on hand to provide you with the legal advice required to pursue a successful compensation claim.

Several important steps need to be taken after an automobile accident to have a successful claim, and visiting the doctor is one of the most important. If you later decide to pursue a personal injury claim, having an expert medical professional assess your injuries could help you comprehend their severity and potentially strengthen your compensation claim. Your attorney will be skilled at using the relevant evidence at your disposal to present a strong case for your complete compensation.

If a reckless motorist injures you severely in an automobile accident, you should know that you are not alone. The Reno car crash lawyers at our law firm are prepared to assist you through the challenging legal procedure and guarantee a complete recovery. Viloria, Oliphant, Oster & Aman L.L.P. has a track record of successfully assisting victims in pursuing personal injury claims and has a comprehensive understanding of the law. We are available to assist you through this trying time. Call us at 775-227-2280 to get started on your claim.

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