Reno, NV - Grove St & Yori Ave Car Crash with Injuries

Reno, NV - Grove St & Yori Ave Car Crash with Injuries

Reno, NV (November 23, 2023) - On Thursday, November 23, there were reported injuries following a traffic accident in the Reno area. The crash was reported early that morning at around 8:06 a.m. at the corner of E. Grove Street and Yori Avenue. At least one person was hurt in the collision, and emergency responders were quickly dispatched to render the necessary medical aid.

Ambulances were available to transport the injured parties to local hospitals for additional treatment. The number and severity of the resulting injuries have not yet been determined. Tow trucks were called to clear the resulting wreckage and reopen the road to outside traffic some hours later. No further information has been provided. An ongoing investigation into the cause of the crash is in progress.

Our thoughts are with the injured victims and their families at this time. We hope for their full recovery.

Car Accidents in Nevada

Driving is known to be one of the most dangerous things we do almost every single day, and it feels like there is always a chance that you could be hurt in a crash. A total of 311 traffic fatalities were reported in Nevada in 2017. Clarke County was the site of 208 of these deadly crashes. Two elements that are frequently involved in fatal crashes in the state are speeding and drunk driving.

You could get injuries that alter your life at any time in a serious auto accident. Make sure you have the capacity to take the required steps to safeguard your financial future as well as your legal rights. Managing severe injuries alongside your recovery can be challenging, and you can feel helpless to find someone to support you through this difficult period. You do, however, have options when it comes to your recovery, and an experienced lawyer can assist you in determining which legal options are best for you.

After a serious collision, there are specific actions that need to be followed in order to fully recover. Given that most people have no legal background, you might not know what to do. It is critical that you have access to an experienced attorney who can help you completely comprehend your circumstances and determine how to obtain the money you are entitled to.

Your complete recovery should never be left up to fate or managed by a major insurance company. Your claim needs to be handled by an experienced attorney. After a significant collision, Viloria, Oliphant, Oster & Aman L.L.P. has a track record of assisting injured parties from all across Nevada in obtaining just compensation. We are here to assist you. During a free consultation, our Reno car crash attorneys will be able to address any concerns you may have regarding your eligibility to file a personal injury lawsuit. Please contact us at 775-227-2280 if you are ready to start working on your case right away. We will not stop until you and your family are able to get the compensation you are owed in order to achieve a complete recovery.

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