Reno, NV - At Least One Injured in Wreck at Sierra & Maple St

Reno, NV - At Least One Injured in Wreck at Sierra & Maple St

Reno, NV (March 20, 2024) - On Wednesday, March 20, at least one person was hurt after a collision in the Reno area. The accident was reported early that morning at around 12:43 a.m. at the corner of N. Sierra Street and Maple Street. The injured parties were provided aid at the scene by attending medical personnel.

There were confirmed injuries at the scene, but the number and severity of the related damages have not been determined. The area was temporarily closed while emergency crews were present. Tow trucks were needed to clear the site of the resulting wreckage and other debris. No updates on the accident are currently available. An ongoing investigation into the cause of the crash is underway, and more information will be released as it continues.

Our thoughts are with the injured victims and their families at this time. We hope for their full recovery.

Distracted Driving Crashes in Nevada

One of the main factors contributing to catastrophic auto accidents in the United States is distracted driving. It is a major problem in Nevada, where in a recent four-year period, there were 63 recorded driver distraction-related fatalities. These fatal crashes happened in cities in over half of the cases. Not surprisingly, the biggest number of distracted driving crashes in the state occurred in Clark and Washoe counties. Every year in the United States, distracted drivers cause over 3,000 fatalities and hundreds of thousands of serious injuries. In the event of a serious auto accident, drivers who neglect to pay attention to the road should be held accountable by pursuing a personal injury claim with a trusted lawyer.

Being on the road with careless drivers makes it difficult to feel totally safe any time you drive. It only takes one car to bring you into a catastrophic accident that leaves you seriously hurt. You want to make sure that you are able to take the required actions to safeguard your legal rights and guarantee that your personal injury claim will be successful. You can find yourself overwhelmed by growing debt and unmanageable damages if you are unable to obtain the compensation needed to fully recover. Working with a qualified attorney who has years of experience assisting crash victims in pursuing successful claims is crucial to strengthening your case.

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