Multiple Factors Contributed to Fatal Reno Pedestrian Accident

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A Reno man is facing DUI charges for a crash that killed a pedestrian on Aug. 4. The accident occurred around 11:30 p.m., on North McCarran Boulevard in Reno as the victim was crossing the road near Sutro Street, according to police. The victim, who has not yet been publicly identified, died at the scene.

Authorities say that the driver, who is reportedly cooperating in the investigation, was traveling eastbound when he struck the pedestrian. While the man, who also had an outstanding warrant, has been arrested for drunk driving, police say that other factors contributed to the tragic accident, including lack of lighting in the area. Further, they say that the pedestrian, who was wearing dark clothing, was not crossing at a crosswalk or intersection.

A spokesman for the Nevada Department of Transportation says that the agency looks at the need for improved lighting on all roads, like McCarran, that they maintain. However, he says that funding is an issue, so they have to prioritize these and other safety improvements. He says that this prioritization includes "a lot of input from the local jurisdictions," but notes, "We have a lot of [roads] that are six lanes wide, 45 mile an hour speed, and are not very friendly for pedestrians." Authorities say that the stretch of road where the pedestrian was fatally struck was "extremely dark."

The NDOT spokesman estimated that 73 pedestrians were killed on Nevada roads last year. When this type of tragedy occurs, it's important for surviving family members to consider all contributing factors, including driver error and appropriate safety measures, including signage, road markings and lighting when determining who can and should be held responsible. Experienced Nevada personal injuries can work to do that.

Source: KRNV News 4 Reno, "Reno police blame mix of alcohol and poor lighting for fatal pedestrian crash," Terri Hendry, Aug. 05, 2016

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