Can a roll cage really save lives?

Most cars have an internal structure and frame that is designed not to crumple if the car is involved in an accident. However, when you compare your standard sedan to a race car or a rally car, it's clear that most vehicles don't have such a comprehensive roll cage. Does this suggest that the roll cage actually isn't that helpful in an accident?

It does not. The fact of the matter is that roll cages absolutely can save lives. They're just used more often in racing vehicles because those vehicles are expected to crash at high speeds, so extra safety precautions are taken. Plus, the roll cage does change the look of the interior of the car. People may not be as fond of that in a passenger car.

What is a Roll Cage?

A roll cage is a frame designed to surround a vehicle’s passenger compartment. This frame offers structural support in the event of a vehicle rollover and can protect occupants from being injured in an accident.

Do Passenger Vehicles Have Roll Cages?

Just because roll cages are not common in passenger vehicles doesn't mean you can't find some that have them. Take the Jeep Wrangler, for example, which has an interior roll cage that helps to hold up a soft or hard top. That top is usually made of cloth, plastic, or metal, but the cage itself is what gives it support. This is because the Wrangler was designed for off-road use, though most people just drive them on the roads like any other cars.

Experts do warn that serious injuries can still occur, even in a car with a roll cage. For one thing, passengers can be flung around inside the cage. On top of that, any items that aren't strapped down could become projectiles and strike those inside.

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