Advocates Call For Increased Nevada Gun Restrictions

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According to research by Everytown for Gun Safety Support Fund and Nevada Network Against Domestic Violence, Nevada has a sad record when it comes to gun-related domestic violence homicides. Our state ranks fifth in this type of crime. One official with the NNADV called it an "alarming rate of intimate partner violence."

The report cites not just the danger to the partner who is the direct target of the violence, but to other family members and friends as well. In addition to the 46 people who were fatally shot by intimate partners between 2010 and 2014, 10 other family members and friends were shot in these confrontations. Six of them (including two children) were killed. Interestingly, almost two-thirds of the shooters killed themselves after killing their partner.

The groups that published the report cited the lack of criminal background checks in our state for people purchasing a gun. In the domestic violence homicides studied, over 25 percent of the shooters had a criminal record that made it illegal for them to own a gun.

In addition to advocating for criminal background checks, these groups want to see Nevada enact laws that would make it illegal to have firearms for anyone found guilty of domestic violence or stalking, or those with extended protection orders in place.

Under federal law, there are firearm restrictions in place for those with a record of domestic violence. Some states also have restrictions. These groups would like to see Nevada follow suit and close its gun loopholes.

As pressure mounts to limit or take away the right to own guns from those convicted of domestic violence, it's more important than ever that if you are charged with a crime involving domestic violence, your legal rights are protected. A Nevada criminal defense attorney can work to present your case and to try to mitigate the consequences to your life, career and reputation.

Source: Reno Gazette-Journal, "Nevada rates fifth for domestic violence homicide in report," Marcella Corona, April 15, 2016

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