Military couples face higher divorce rates

Nevada couples who are contemplating divorcing may be affected by their careers. Work and financial stresses can be some of the major factors in the end of a marriage. U.S. Census data has tended to underline this common knowledge, with certain careers standing out as having a higher likelihood of experiencing divorce.

Perhaps it comes as no surprise that military careers are towards the top of the list in terms of high divorce rates, at least with respect to people 30 or younger. The stress of deployments and dangerous tasks can be difficult for any relationship. More than that, military families often marry younger than others, and military careers often require a number of moves around the country. These factors are exacerbated by serious mental health concerns like PTSD after a deployment in combat.

The profession with the highest divorce rate for people 30 or younger is military first-line enlisted supervisors. It is joined in the top 10 list by other military occupations including tactical operations and air weapons. When based upon deployments, the highest rate for military members occurred for people in the Air Force. Members of the Navy who were deployed also had a high rate.

The end of a marriage can be stressful for people of all ages and occupations. Many of the issues are financial, such as property division and child and spousal support. In some cases, the estranged couple and their respective family law attorneys can negotiate a comprehensive settlement agreement that addresses these matters. In other cases, mediation or litigation might be necessary.

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