Trucking Violations & "The Cost of Doing Business"

Truck drivers have one of the most grueling jobs possible, specifically due to the exhaustive nature of being behind the wheel for extended hours at a time. Additionally, truck drivers travel long distances in often demanding conditions such as adverse weather or heavy traffic. While there are specific regulations put in place to protect truck drivers as well as all others on the road, these regulations may be violated in the hopes of generating more financial gain.

The following are the main regulations that are often ignored or violated, including but not limited to:

  • Commercial driver license regulations, such as breaks, sick time, vacation, overtime, etc.
  • Improper truck maintenance, resulting in dangerous repercussions
  • Transportation of hazardous materials without proper protection or warning

These infringements are often referred to the “cost of doing business”, as trucking companies put countless lives at risk in the name of profit. These shortcuts endanger the lives of all people on the road, though they are not easy to catch as these practices are encouraged. However, if a company is caught cutting corners, it can result in a number of severe and expensive consequences. Our legal team will fight to hold the necessary parties liable for their illegal activity.

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