When mediation isn't the right choice

When a couple in Nevada decides to divorce, they may first consider going to a mediator to negotiate child custody, property division and support payments. While mediation can have its advantages, it's not the best option for everyone. In fact, mediation can end up making things worse by dragging matters out or simply adding additional costs to the process of ending a marriage.

Mediation can be a good option in situations where both partners are acting in good faith and still have a measure of good will toward each other. Unfortunately, there are situations in which a relationship is so acrimonious that the process of working together to negotiate the terms of divorce is simply not going to work.

Examples of this sort of situation may include a partner who is deeply angry or cannot see any good in their spouse during the separation process. Abusive relationships are also not suited to the mediation process. Contact between abuser and victim can become dangerous and there is often little chance of a positive outcome.

Paradoxically, spouses who want to end a relationship very quickly or are unwilling to let go are also bad candidates for mediation. Some spouses may agree to every demand made by their soon-to-be ex just to get the process over with. Other spouses may agree to mediation as simply one more way to put off the inevitable. In both cases, the purpose of mediation is defeated.

Individuals who are considering divorce may benefit from speaking with a family law attorney. The lawyer may be able to review the client's case and make recommendations regarding what the client might reasonably expect during the divorce process. If necessary, the attorney could also represent the client in negotiations or even litigation.

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