Five Avoidable Divorce Mistakes

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Divorce can be a period in a person’s life that is fraught with mistakes and bad decisions. We are not robots, and our emotions tend to drive our minds down roads we’ve never traveled. In our experience, we have found that mistakes are a common and natural occurrence that comes with ending a marriage. Nevertheless, we always want our clients to be well informed of some avoidable divorce mistakes—and their consequences.

Mistake One: Signing any agreement without an attorney.

You have significant legal rights regarding the division of property, spousal support, child custody, and child support. Without an attorney, you may be waiving critical legal rights, giving your spouse far more than he or she is entitled to, overpaying or under-receiving support, or jeopardizing your custody and access to your children. In agreeing to a bad agreement, you may be locking yourself into bad terms that will harm your financial and parenting interests. You need an experienced attorney to advise you of your legal rights before you ever enter into a binding legal agreement.

Mistake Two: Ignoring Legal Documents

If you have been served with legal documents relating to divorce, do not ignore these documents in the hope that they will go away. Simply put, failing to ensure that these documents are reviewed and timely addressed can waive legal rights and prevent you from fully defending yourself. You should immediately speak with a family law attorney to advise you, to represent your interests, and to respond appropriately.

Mistake Three: Hiding Assets

Some people choose to engage in improper conduct when it comes to property. This includes actions like hiding income, hiding marital property, failing to disclose separate property, and transferring property. This conduct is designed to punish the other spouse, to lower support payments, or to reduce the amount of property the other spouse walks away with. Hiding assets is an avoidable mistake with grave financial consequences. Courts are empowered to hold the wrongdoing spouse accountable and to compensate the other spouse.

Mistake Four: Engaging in Harassment or Violence

Resorting to violence or harassment is always a mistake. This is wrong, it is terrifying, and the last thing you want is for a judge to issue a protective order against you or to pick up criminal charges. Further, family courts take child welfare very seriously and this conduct can result in a severe limitation or restriction of parental rights and parent access.

Mistake Five: Violating Temporary Orders

Courts often enter temporary orders regarding living arrangements, property, spousal support, child custody, and child support. If you disagree with these orders or want them changed, avoid the mistake of violating these orders or taking matters into your own hands. Speak with an attorney instead to review your options. Failure to follow a court order can open you to sanctions, a finding of contempt, and can also set you up to receive orders that you like even less.

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