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What If an Insurance Company Refuses to Compensate You?

You have significant legal rights if someone seriously injures you due to negligence or recklessness. Under Nevada’s personal injury laws, people or companies at fault for these injuries bear financial liability for damages resulting from their negligence. Unfortunately, the existence of these legal rights does not mean that those responsible will be cooperative in compensating you for your injuries. It can be incredibly difficult and require legal intervention on your behalf.

If you have ever had to personally deal with someone else’s insurance company, then you have likely experienced the disappointment of an uncooperative agent who treated you with hostility, ignored your calls, or made you insultingly low offers to settle your claim. We routinely hear of these horror stories, which occur because insurance companies are businesses that have a financial interest in paying out as little money as possible.

Insurance Companies Take Attorneys Seriously

Insurance companies have money and power and know that victims of personal injuries are often in a vulnerable position. They take advantage of the situation, knowing that victims face piling medical bills and lost wages, and they are in a desperate financial spiral. Unfair tactics pay off for them when injured victims accept lowball offers or walk away because it seems like too much trouble to fight. So what should you do if an insurance company refuses to compensate you when their policyholder has injured you? Contact an attorney to even the power imbalance.

Insurance companies take victims seriously when a personal injury attorney contacts them. These companies do not want to take on the risk or expense of a trial, and know that an attorney: (1) knows the law; and (2) is willing to file a lawsuit and take a case to trial to obtain damages.

At Viloria, Oliphant, Oster & Aman, L.L.P., we offer aggressive, award-winning personal injury representation to victims. We have successfully obtained millions of dollars in damages for our clients through settlements and contested trials. We utilize our experience to convince insurance companies to offer maximum compensation for our clients’ claims and prepare every case as if it was going to a contested trial.

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Viloria, Oliphant, Oster & Aman, L.L.P. is a full service law firm that focuses on obtaining maximum compensation for people who have been seriously injured or wrongfully killed due to the negligence of others. Our attorneys have over a hundred years of combined legal experience and a winning track record. We have successfully obtained millions of dollars in damages on behalf of our clients. If you are interested in a free case consultation, call Viloria, Oliphant, Oster & Aman L.L.P. today at (775) 210-8178 or contact our office through our website.