“Quickie” Divorce: Facts and Myths

Myths and facts

Fact: Nevada Has One of the Shortest Residency Requirements in the Country

Nevada has one of the quickest residency requirements in the country, in which a person only needs to live in this state for six weeks before they can file for a divorce. Essentially the day a person moves into the state, the clock starts running for as long as the person continuously stays in the state.

Historically, the state of Nevada implemented the Country’s fastest divorce process during the Great Depression to attract people to live in the state and boost the state’s economy. These “quickie divorces”, along with the advent of Casinos, brought people to Nevada in droves and shaped its economy.

While there are other states—like Washington, South Dakota, and Alaska—that now have shorter time frames to file for a divorce, Nevada still stands out as a place where a person can file for divorce quickly without having to wait for any prerequisite separation period from their spouse.

Myth: You Can Obtain a Divorce in Six Weeks

Just because a person can file for divorce within six weeks does not mean that they can obtain a divorce decree in six weeks. Even in an agreed divorce, where both spouses have signed off on a proposed judgment, it still takes family law judges time to review the paperwork and sign the order.

Myth: A Quickie Divorce Resolves All Issues

On that note, there is nothing quick about contested divorce. There are issues of child custody, dividing community property, alimony, and child support that can take a long time to resolve. When spouses cannot agree as to these issues, then a trial must occur before a family law court. It takes attorneys a considerable amount of time and hard work to prepare a case for trial, which is also dependent on the schedules of the courts.

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