Do You Know the Telltale Signs of a Drunk Driver?

Man's hand reaching for a car key next to a beer bottle.

What to Watch Out for While on the Road

Driving under the influence of alcohol is extremely dangerous and puts the driver at risk and everyone else on the road. If you see a driver exhibiting any of the following behaviors, it's best to avoid them and call law enforcement if necessary.

Common Behaviors Indicative of Impaired Driving

Weaving Through Traffic

One of the most common indicators of a drunk driver is weaving in and out of lanes or swerving. This is usually caused by the driver's inability to focus on the road and their poor judgment.

Sudden Acceleration or Braking

Another sign of a driver who may be intoxicated is if they are constantly braking or accelerating erratically. This is often a result of the driver's impaired depth perception and reaction time.

Driving in Opposite Lanes or on the Wrong Side of the Road

This is obviously dangerous behavior and a sign that the driver is not in control of their faculties. If you see a car coming at you in your lane or driving on the wrong side of the road, it's best to get out of the way and call the police.

Speeding or Slow Driving

Drunk drivers often have difficulty gauging their speed and may be driving too fast or too slow. If you see a car speeding or crawling along well below the speed limit beware.

Erratic Turning

Making sudden or illegal turns is another sign of a drunk driver. This is usually caused by the driver's inability to judge distance and speed.

What Should You Do If You Think You Spot a Drunk Driver?

If you see a driver exhibiting any of these behaviors, it's best to stay away and call law enforcement if necessary.

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