Drunk Driving Statistics: These Will Open Your Eyes

As you make your way down the road, you may never think you could be involved in a drunk driving accident. But remember one thing: Even if you are sober, it does not mean that others are the same. It only takes one person to cause a serious car accident.

Most people realize that drunk driving is dangerous. Even so, some continue to get behind the wheel after drinking too much alcohol. If you truly want to understand how big of a problem this has become, consider the following three statistics shared by Mothers Against Drunk Driving:

  • Every two minutes in the United States, a person is injured in a drunk driving accident.
  • On average, a person drives drunk 80 times before being arrested for driving under the influence.
  • There is only one way for a person to sober up: time. A cold shower, exercise, and drinking coffee has no impact on a person's blood alcohol level.

These statistics touch on a variety of problems. For example, many people are repeat offenders. Furthermore, some think they have a magic pill for becoming sober, even though this is not the way the body works.

If you are going to operate a motor vehicle, do two things:

  • Never do so if you have consumed alcohol.
  • Be aware of the fact that other drivers could be drunk.

Even with police cracking down on driving under the influence, this remains an issue in the United States. Subsequently, it injures and kills thousands of people every year.

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Source: Mothers Against Drunk Driving, "Drunk Driving Statistics," accessed Sep. 17, 2015

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