Divorce may be necessary when relationships turn toxic

Nevada couples sometimes stay together even though their marriages may seem beyond repair to their friends and family members. Seemingly fatal blows such as adultery or some other form of betrayal may be overcome with commitment and forgiveness, but there are situations where trying to salvage a toxic relationship may do more harm than good to the spouses and the children involved.

Marriages may become unrepairable when spouses turn to alcohol or drugs and refuse to acknowledge that they have a problem or are unwilling to seek help. Addiction is a painful road that rarely leads to happy outcomes, and it can be extremely difficult for spouses to accept that the person they once loved can no longer be trusted or relied upon. Ignoring alcohol or drug issues enables addicts and makes recovery even less likely, but the emotional trauma of divorce proceedings could prompt substance abusers to reevaluate their choices and get their lives back on track.

Alcohol consumption and drug use are also the root of many domestic violence incidents, and pursuing a divorce could be a lifesaving step when verbal abuse degenerates into physical acts of aggression. Staying together for the sake of the children involved can also be a catastrophic mistake as researchers have found that the children of unhappy spouses often find themselves mired in unfulfilling relationships themselves.

When marriages are beyond repair and there is evidence of physical or emotional abuse, experienced family law attorneys may act quickly to protect their clients and their children. These efforts could involve seeking protective orders and alerting law enforcement when threats are made or the orders are violated. Attorneys could also view litigation as unavoidable in these divorce situations.

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