Keeping Records Of Your Injuries

When a negligent person or company has caused the serious injury of another person, the victim has the legal right to pursue a personal injury lawsuit for damages. However, it is the burden of the victim to prove his or her claim with evidence—including the nature of the injuries caused by the other party, the severity of the injuries, and the life impact of the injuries.

A lot of time can pass between an accident and when it becomes necessary to present evidence supporting a personal injury claim. In that time, your injuries that are visible can heal. A person’s condition may look or feel dramatically different when it is time to demonstrate how he or she was harmed by the negligent party—which does not fairly or accurately convey how the person’s life suffered up to that point.

Keeping Records to Support Your Claim

If you have been seriously injured in a car accident or truck accident, you have significant legal rights. But to pursue maximum compensation for your personal injury claim, you must help your attorney by keeping records of your injuries, so that a full picture can be painted for whatever insurance adjuster, judge, or jury may be weighing your evidence.

From day one, take photos of any physical injuries for as long as they are visible. Make sure to use good lighting and as high resolution as your phone or camera will allow. Photographs capture those critical moments in time after you have been injured and how long they have taken to heal. They capture what a doctor’s or nurse’s written description can’t.

An underrated yet critical record is to keep a daily log of how a serious injury has impacted your life. Serious injuries can have life-altering impacts on victims that cannot be captured in photographs. Moreover, you can forget a lot about your day-to-day journey along your road to recovering from your injuries. A journal can help you refresh your memory and create a timeline that will serve you and your attorney when the time comes.

Finally, keep track of your expenses and copies of medical records. Damages in personal injury cases are designed to compensate a victim for their medical expenses arising from their injury. You are in the best position to know what you have spent out of pocket and keeping a running tab can greatly assist your attorney. Also, while your attorney can obtain medical records on your behalf, maintaining your file can help your attorney quickly identify the numerous medical doctors, specialists, and therapists who have provided you care.

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