Truck Accident Reconstruction

car front crashed in by truck

Truck accidents happen far too often. For people who have had the misfortune to see an aftermath of a wreck, it can be a horrific and chaotic sight. Then you realize that there were people in those vehicles, who may be severely injured or have perished.

As experienced truck accident attorneys, we have helped victims or their surviving loved ones to sort through the tragedy of truck accidents. Because of the human suffering and the high stakes involved, these are never easy fights. Truck companies and insurance companies have a lot of money to lose and are resistant to accepting responsibility for their negligence. Therefore, we are always prepared for a fight and routinely partner with established experts to help successfully resolve our clients’ claims.

Truck Accident Reconstruction Experts

A key part of any truck accident claim is figuring out what happened and who was at fault. How fast were the vehicles traveling? Was the truck driver driving recklessly? What were the weather conditions at the time of the wreck? Did the truck fail? What part of the truck malfunctioned? Was it properly maintained? Was the cargo too heavy or improperly loaded?

There are many questions to answer. Sorting through the photos, the wreckage of the vehicles, witness statements, and records after the fact to answer these questions takes a level of expertise that may require a truck accident reconstruction expert. These are experts who have knowledge, experience, and recognized certifications to provide opinions and conclusions regarding these critical questions. In addition to following accepted practices in how they operate, they must also receive ongoing training to remain current with the ever-changing technology that goes into tractor-trailers.

Reputable experts can make a real difference with your claim, as their testimony, reports, visual recreations, and other presentation tools can provide lawyers, insurance adjusters, judges, and juries with the ability to make confident decisions about who bears responsibility for your injuries.

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