Truck Accidents: When Cargo Causes Wrecks

Truck accident

Tractor-trailers have great potential to cause harm and destruction to others on the road. The federal government has established many laws to create minimum standards of safety for those who own, operate, drive, and load these vehicles. Sadly, our jobs as truck accident attorneys exist because of trucking companies that cut corners or violate the laws designed to keep you safe. Improperly loaded cargo is a common violation that results in truck accidents.

Cargo That Exceeds Weight Capacity

One frequent violation of trucking laws is when a truck is too heavy. A truck carrying excessively heavy cargo is more difficult for a truck driver to control, is more likely to cause a wreck, and can result in a greater level of devastation.

Under federal laws, truck and trailer combinations have a maximum weight capacity of 80,000 lbs. In context, an average car weighs about 4,000 lbs. or 20 times less than a truck loaded to capacity. The science behind an impact between 80,000 lb. object and a 4,000 lb. object in motion does not favor the people in the vehicle. There is a reason that truck weigh stations exist.

Cargo That is Improperly Loaded or Secured

Another dangerous violation occurs when a truck’s cargo is improperly loaded or improperly secured. We see this in countless stories of trucks spilling thousands of gallons of beer, avocados, pickles, milk, and chickens. While some of these stories sound absurd or humorous, the reality is that a spill or overturned truck is a scary road hazard for vehicles in proximity. When hazardous materials, like chemicals or fuel spills, there is an additional level of danger.

Trucking laws exist for a reason. When a truck causes an accident, an injured victim has a right to pursue personal injury damages against those responsible. These damages can be significant because of the serious injury, catastrophic injury, or death that can result from a truck accident. Damages in truck accident claims can include spreading liability between the trucking company, the owner of the cargo, and/or the company that loaded the cargo.

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