How Medical Experts Support Your Personal Injury Claim

A doctor examining a patients arm

Understanding Why An Expert Witness Might Be Used During a Lawsuit

doctor expert witness looking at xray of spinal injuryA car accident or truck accident can result in severe and catastrophic injuries. Personal injury laws allow a victim to seek damages against people and companies whose negligence or recklessness caused their injuries. Because of the high financial stakes involved in these claims, insurance companies may fight tooth and nail to limit what they have to pay.

When claims are particularly contested, involve complex medical issues, or are headed to a jury trial, it may become necessary for your attorney to utilize the services of medical experts to support your claim.

What Is An Expert Witness?

Medical experts, or expert witnesses, are professionals who have special knowledge, experience, and education to offer their opinion within their area of expertise to a judge or jury. This includes physicians, surgeons, nurses, or other licensed practitioners.¬†Judges and juries rely on the opinions of objective experts because they are qualified to speak on their subject—and their expertise lends weight to their reports and testimony.

Who Can Give Expert Testimony?

Medical experts are generally seen as unbiased. They are not your friends or family, they are medical professionals who have examined you or examined various records in the case, and are using their education and experience to provide conclusions. They give their opinion using medical evidence and following accepted scientific and medical testing methods.

Also, serious injuries are medically complex. Experts can help everyone involved understand the cause of injuries, the nature of injuries, diagnoses, prognoses, and various long-term impacts. By way of their testimony, written reports, depositions, visual aids, or other demonstrative tools, experts can provide explanations that make the difference in the perceptions of lawyers, insurance adjusters, judges, and juries.

Why Is Expert Testimony Important?

As an example, brain injuries can be devastating; however, they lack the same “shock” or visceral impact that broken limbs, lost appendages, or other wounds may have on a jury. In ways that a layperson can understand, a medical expert can explain how these injuries occurred, the various cognitive and neurological impacts the injury has had, the pain and suffering in the daily life of the victim, and what kind of lasting impact it may have on the victim’s life. This is something that photographs or the victim’s testimony cannot fully convey.

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