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What To Bring To Your Initial Consultation With Your Personal Injury Lawyer

At your initial consultation with a personal injury attorney, you are trying to determine whether an attorney is a good fit for you. At the same time, your attorney is analyzing all of the available information to figure out whether there are any legal claims, who your claims would be against, what sort of damages you may be entitled to, and your chances of success under the law. This is an important meeting for both sides of a potential team.

While a personal injury attorney is able to gather information by issuing subpoenas, conducting discovery on other parties, and obtaining records, they cannot do so unless you retain them as your attorney. Therefore, it is in your interest to provide as much information as possible at your initial consultation. This allows both you and the attorney to make informed decisions about moving forward.

Bring the Following With You to Your Initial Consultation

  • Write down a timeline of your vehicle accident. This includes what you were doing prior to the accident, where you were headed, the time of day, the weather conditions, your recollection of the collision, your observations, and what happened afterward.
  • All of the information you have about the at-fault driver, including their contact information, driver’s license number, date of birth, and employer.
  • Information about the responsible driver’s vehicle, including license plates, the type of vehicle, and whether it is a company car or truck.
  • The insurance company that covers the responsible driver, whether you or a representative has had any contact with that company.
  • Information about your own auto insurance policy and your coverage.
  • A copy of any police reports generated, the badge numbers of any offices that left their cards, and any traffic citations that were issued.
  • Any photos or videos that you or anyone else took at the scene of the collision.
  • Photos of your vehicle or the other driver’s vehicle.
  • A copy of your driver history record.
  • Medical records, medical bills, and a list of any specialists seen as a result of the wreck.
  • Your insurance information, including your auto and medical insurance cards and policies.

While it may not be possible to obtain all of this information before your consultation, bringing as much as you can show the attorney that you are serious about seeking relief, and help the attorney to provide you with accurate advice.

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